Ivy Tech Community College is changing the way students farm, with precision agriculture.

The precision ag program is just over two years old and isn’t offered anywhere else in Indiana.

Student Trent Broermann is a fifth generation farmer from Ohio, and he hopes to use his precision ag skills to improve his family farm.

“It’s more of a way of life and that’s all I really wanna do with the rest of my life, just go home and farm,” he said.

According to the program chair, Darin Kohlmeyer, precision ag has been around for about twenty years.

The program at Ivy Tech is hands on and is constantly changing with advances in technology.

“We focus a lot of things on the different types of technology. GPS, GIS,” Kohlmeyer said. “We’re working with some precision placement equipment to maximize the placement of seed.”

GPS based applications aid in field mapping, soil sampling, as well as crop scouting.

Student Cody Sanders says his family farm has recently applied precision ag to their equipment, and the advances have made a significant difference.

“Helps decide with financial decisionsWhat to plant, when to plant it,” Sanders said. “Where we’re going to make the highest yields at.”

The program takes only two years, and Kohlmeyer urges students to register.

So far all fifteen graduates of the program have jobs in the precision ag industry, meaning the demand for experience is high, and so is the job security.

 “I’ve talked to a lot of industry partners, they come in here they look at the facility. They love what we’re doing because there’s such a huge demand,” said Kohlmeyer.