Dr. Maria Horvat is one of the newest employees at Horizon Health’s Paris Clinic, but she’s been helping women as an OB/GYN for more than 30 years. It’s a job she likes.

Dr. Maria Horvat, “I get to see patients year after year, monthly, depending on the problem and I really like getting to know them as a person.” 

A girl younger than 18 might see Dr. Horvat for irregular periods or heavy bleeding. She might also see her for birth control.
Dr. Horvat, “I would encourage mothers to bring their daughters in before they’re sexually active, just to talk to the young woman about using condomns, safe sex and what are your contraceptive options.”
For most women, Pap smears are recommended to start at the age of 21 and take place every three years until after the age of 65.
Dr. Horvat says a woman should have an annual breast and pelvic exam until the age of 65. After that, the exams should be every two years.

Part of the goal of those exams is to detect cancer. Because the earlier it’s found, the easier it is to treat.

Dr. Horvat, “So you might think nothing is wrong, but you really don’t know unless you’re looking internally and the only person that can do that is a person like me.”  
As a woman ages, she can use her gynecologist as a resource learn what to expect in menopause.

Dr. Horvat, “We also arrange or talk to you about hormone replacement therapy. Do you need to be on hormones? Should you be on Hormones?” 

A gynecologist can also test for STD’s, offer prenatal care and treat various problems such as ovarian cysts.

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