The future of a voting center on the ISU campus was up for a vote Monday and the decision left several disappointed.

The Vigo County Election Board would have to vote unanimously in favor of a new polling place on campus and that did not happen.

Republican Kara Anderson voted against it.  Democrats Michael Slagle and Dave Crockett voted in favor.

Anderson felt it would be unfair to take machines away from other locations.   

But the other members said the center would be based on the fact that ISU or the Vigo County Council would pay for any additional equipment.

Vigo County League of Women Voters President Carolyn Callecod says, “I feel like it’s kind of a slap in the face to our students because this would have been a great opportunity to them to be engaged into our democracy and the democratic process.”

It’s unclear if any group will pursue the issue anymore.  Vigo County ranks 80th among the 92 Indiana counties in voter turnout.