It’s a busy week for ISU students as they prepare for final exams, but it’s also a busy week for the university, as the flight academy hosts the National Safecon Competition. The competition has flight schools from all over the nation competing in different challenges not only in the air, but on the ground as well.

“There is 377 competitors amongst 28 teams,” says Taylor Newman with Safecon.

Teams have come from all over the country. Competitors include one school that might have an edge. The United States Air Force Academy.

“We are hoping to place top 5 here among the 28 schools across the nation. We are at the top of our region winning first place last October,” said Tristan Briggs.

That’s how the Cadets earned their trip to Terre Haute earning the chance to show off their safety skills.

“Safety is the top priority in aviation. It shows what we have done through this and what we have done through the aviation industry with how safe the industry is and it is critical to the success of flying and having a safe flying operation,” said Jared Testa with Safecon.

It’s not all about flying, on Monday teams spent the day on the ground completing tests.

“Questions on navigation, fuel burns, temperature conversions and things like that under time,” said Briggs.

The competition can definitely get competitive but it’s all about the next step.

“That’s correct. What they will need in their future,” said Newman.