TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – In what appeared to be a case of jealously over an ex-girlfriend, popular DJ Matt Luecking was killed more than three years ago. Now law enforcement and family are hoping to teach others through this tragedy.

Many of those who had the chance to know Matt Luecking say he was a remarkable person.

“Matt was just a very caring and socially-minded individual. He worked in media throughout the years so he got to know a lot of people,” said Eric Luecking, Matt’s brother.

Matt’s life was cut short in October of 2016, after he was beaten to death with a microphone stand at his Village Quarter apartment.

Students studying criminology at ISU heard from local law enforcement Wednesday about the investigation stemming from this murder. Discussion included how the four people involved were brought to justice.

“There’s so many aspects to the case, from the forensic evidence to interviewing that took place, to the use of technology to identify people,” said Rob Roberts, Vigo County chief deputy prosecutor.

While the methods used to convict those involved was critical, Roberts said there’s an even more important message that he hopes students took home.

“More importantly, I think it’s important for the students to understand how what they may be involved with in the future impacts victims in their families,” Roberts said.

Some students said that message stuck after speaking with Luecking’s brother.

“My question I asked was about the coping and how he could forgive somebody like that and I think that’s going to help me out a lot when talking to future victims,” said Tristen Winkler, ISU senior.

Eric Luecking said he hopes that Wednesday’s discussion leads to students becoming more prepared for their future career.

“This is happening to people and how can everybody partner together to be on the same and everybody in the end wants justice for the crime that happened,” Eric said.

Eric has also created a website which focuses on the many positive aspects of his brother’s life.