ISU Goes Batty


Clearly the weekend for festivals around the Valley. Today Indiana State University celebrates these guys.

It’s the 12th annual Bat Festival. Families enjoyed live bat and raptor demonstrations on campus. The event promotes bats’ value and educates folks how to keep bats thriving. This year’s theme for the festival is a year in the lives of bats.   

“We have the opportunity to walk through the different seasons the bats experience and see what the bats are doing at different times of the year,” Joy O’Keefe, Director for the Center of Bat Research at ISU said.

Fun fact. Bats can eat half to all of their body weight in insects in one night.

If you missed the bat festival today, you can head out to Dobbs Park where from 6 until 9 p-m.

Kids can be bat biologists in an activity. There’s also a night walk to listen for bats.

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