Vigo County Jail officials have been very explicit about conditions at the facility. Now, a former inmate is sharing his experience with time behind bars.

“I mean the conditions are, the jail’s in horrible shape,” said Christian Tate. Tate spent 26 days at the jail, and says it was the worst 26 days of his life.

During WTWO’s latest visit to the jail, our camera observed visible plumbing issues and sanitation problems. 

“They just need to understand that these conditions are less than human,” said Tate.

Tate says he was the fourth person in his cell, and before long a makeshift bunk was added to the cell.”That fifth man had to sleep on the floor under one of the cots,” said Tate. “I don’t know how to fix the judicial system. Either they come up with a faster system to get them (prisoners) in and out of the jail, or you gotta build something bigger.”

When an inmate is released, they’re handed a two page letter detailing the class action lawsuit filed against the Vigo County Jail. Any inmate can join the suit.