Indiana State University Mourns Student Death


There is new information on the weekend death of an Indiana State University student.

A 19-year-old freshman, Yiorgo Karnezis, from Munster, Indiana was at a Sigma Chi fraternity event in Clark County, Illinois.

He was pulled from a pond, and later pronounced dead at a Terre Haute hospital. The official cause of death will not be known until after the autopsy. That’s scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Toxicology tests will be a part of the examination to find out if drugs or alcohol played a role in the death.

While the investigation proceeds, the grieving is underway. Students are describing campus as a little more quiet today to WTWO News as they reflect on the death of one of their own.

“It’s a little quiet. Not a lot of people are on campus. I usually see a lot more people,” says ISU Senior Katherine Echegaray.

The vice president of student affairs at Indiana State University, Dr. Willie L. Banks, told WTWO that it’s hard on the entire ISU community when they lose a member of the Sycamore family.

“Any time you lose anyone I think it’s always hard to process that. Also for some of our students, this may be the first time they’ve ever lost someone very close to them,” says Banks.

ISU Freshman Leah Kennedy lives in the same dorm building where Karnezis lived.

“I think it’s supposed to be quiet, so like a lot of us don’t know, I just found out last night,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy says that all freshmen in her dorm building will have mandatory floor meetings Tuesday night to discuss the tragedy.

“It kind of is weird that it happens to people that, like you go to school with, and maybe you don’t know them, but like it’s in a place that you know, and is home to you. So it’s kind of odd,” says Kennedy.

Moving forward, Dr. Banks encourages students to reach out and use the resources available to talk through the issue.

“That’s my general message for the student body, Banks says, “please reach out to us if you need help talking about this issue.”
Dr. Banks said that Indiana State University, as a campus, wants to support the Karnezis family, and let them know that they care for them.

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