TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Indiana State Men’s Basketball team took the court today, but not like they usually do.

Saturday morning the Sycamore men’s basketball team worked alongside The Beautiful Lifes Project to provide people with disabilities a special opportunity. It gave them the chance to play alongside members of the team.

However, basketball is not the most important part of the day. Bryce Weiler is the co-founder of The Beautiful Lives Project, and he explains that this event goes well beyond the sports world.

“The Sycamores players and coaching staff do a great job involving everyone. Teaching them basketball skills, but most importantly just being friends with them throughout the year. Checking in with them and making those lifelong friendships,” he said.

The players and staff have looked forward to this event since it ended last year. This camp is a vital part in their efforts to give back to the community.

Sycamore Head Coach Josh Schertz talks about how this event is helps the team bond with the participants on hand.

“It’s basketball but it’s really just bonding. It’s a chance to make them smile, have fun, decompress, and it’s a great experience.”

Events like these are impactful in so many ways for the community. Weiler wants all people with disabilities to know that they are not alone in their battle.

“I know that sometimes people with disabilities face obstacles and challenges. This shows the people with disabilities that there are people out there to want you to be successfully and to overcome those who don’t believe that you can do something because you have a disability,” added Weiler.

The Beautiful Lives Project will travel to Michigan on the last week of September to host programs at multiple colleges, including Michigan State.