HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Amidst the acres of farmland, open spaces and manufacturing plants, Indiana is also home to several tall buildings. Granted, they may not be on the scale of New York City or Chicago, but they stand in their own right.

Of the 20 tallest buildings in Indiana, 17 are in Indianapolis that are a prominent fixture among the city’s skyline. Here are five:

  • Salesforce Tower
    • Completed in 1990, it stands 701 feet tall with 49 floors. It was formally known as the Bank One Tower and Chase Tower.
  • OneAmerica Tower
    • This tower stands at 533 feet with 38 feet and was completed in 1982. Formally known as the AUL Tower, it is the tallest building constructed in the city during the 1980s.
  • Regions Tower
    • Known as the tallest building constructed in the 1970s, it was completed in 1970 and stands at 504 feet with 37 floors.
  • Market Tower
    • Standing 421 feet, it is the fourth tallest in the city, completed in 1988. With 32 floors, it stands at the corners of Illinois and Market streets and is primarily for office space/
  • 300 North Meridian
    • Completed in 1989, this building is also used for office space.

Indianapolis isn’t the only city in Indiana that can claim tall buildings. The cities of Fort Wayne and South Bend have their own buildings that can stand in any skyline.

Fort Wayne is home to the Indiana Michigan Power Center, the PNC Center and the Lincoln Bank Tower. The Indiana Michigan Power Center was completed in 1982 and stands 442 feet with 27 floors. It is the tallest building in Fort Wayne, and the tallest outside of Indy. Formally known as One Summit Square, it is the fourth tallest building in Indiana.

The PNC Center was completed in 1970 and stood as the tallest in Fort Wayne for 12 years (1970-1982) before being overtaken by the aforementioned Indiana Michigan Power Center. Known as the 11th tallest in the state, it was formally known as the National Bank Building and National City Center.

The Lincoln Bank Tower has plenty of history since completion all the way back in 1930. At its completion, it was the tallest building in Indiana at the time.

South Bend is home to the Liberty Tower. It was completed in 1970 and stands 331 feet tall with 25 floors.