INDIANAPOLIS — The final Bicentennial Legends Mural in Indianapolis honors 43 Hoosier icons that left their mark on countless lives.

Friday morning, in the heart of downtown Indy, dozens of people gathered to see the Final Indianapolis Bicentennial Legends Mural displayed at the Bicentennial Unity Plaza. The mural features 43 Hoosier legends who played an essential role in shaping Indianapolis between 1820 and 2020.

“These are all folks throughout the history of Indianapolis who have played a role in the world-class city,” said Pacers Sports & Entertainment Executive Danny Lopez.

The mural honors their talent, courage and humanity for helping make the city the vibrant place it is today.

The mural celebrates many legends, including Eli Lilly, Julia Carson, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. And Edna Martin.

“We wanted not only to unveil it formally but also bring the families and friends that are represented on the mural and just celebrate,” said Lopez.

The mural’s artist, Anna Murphy, created the work over two months.