HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Many tourists from around the globe may wish to visit the United States to experience diverse landscapes, national park sites and sports venues. In order to find the most “All-American” areas in the United States, Viator created an index system analyzing several metrics including the number of national park sites and landmarks, the number of fast-food restaurants and the number of RV parks and campgrounds.

According to their data, Pennsylvania is the most “All-American” state, with a score of 9.05/10. Pennsylvania is home to 19 national parks and 169 historical landmarks, including the Liberty Bell.

Indiana was ranked at number 10 in the nation, with an All-American score of 8.24/10. Indiana is home to 3 national park sites, and 43 historical landmarks. Elsewhere in the Tri-State, Illinois was named 18th most All-American and Kentucky was right in the middle at number 25.

For more information, including an explanation of the study’s methodology and more data, visit Viator’s website.