INDIANAPOLIS — A stray dog that was walking alongside the interstate in Indianapolis is now a service dog after being rescued on May 14, and sent to a program that trains dogs to help people with disabilities.

According to a Facebook post from the Indiana State Police Indianapolis District, Trooper Joe Malone and Trooper Walter Butt were attempting to rescue a dog that was walking along a high traffic area of I-65. Despite best efforts, the officers were not in a position to grab the dog.

This is when Good Samaritans, Daniel and Penni Moulder stepped up. Daniel and Penni were riding along the same interstate when they noticed stopped traffic and saw a large dog running down the road. With quick thinking, the pair decided to drive ahead, pull over, and get out of their vehicle to help.

The couple was able to successfully rescue the dog which they named Trooper. The Moulders noticed that Trooper was very smart and well behaved, so they decided to work with Medical Mutts Service Dogs to see if the organization could further train Trooper to work as a service dog.

Medical Mutts Service Dogs is a nonprofit organization that is, “dedicated to training and rescue dogs as service dogs,” as defined by their social media page. The group trains dogs to work as Diabetes Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs, and Psychiatric Service Dogs, according to their website

Medical Mutts Service Dogs was not only able to train Trooper, but they were able to graduate her from their program in October. The skills learned by Trooper will be put to use immediately as she is now travelling to Kansas to assist with a couple in need of her talents.

To learn more about the Medical Mutts Service Dogs program please view here.