SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — A Shelbyville man has been charged in Shelby County for taking multiple videos of a minor while they were taking a shower.

According to court documents, filed earlier this month in Shelby County, Ryan Vierling was charged with seven counts of child exploitation, a Level 4 felony. Each count was related to an alleged video found on Vierling’s phone of the minor taking a shower.

In March, the minor approached their school counselor and told the counselor that Vierling allegedly came into their bathroom, pulled back the shower curtains and stood there taking photos and videos of the minor while they were in the shower. The counselor then brought the information forward to police.

In an interview, the minor reportedly told police that it happened more than 10 times. The minor told police that this was an invasion of their privacy.

On Vierling’s cell phone, which was confiscated and searched by police, officials said there were seven videos on his cell phone of the minor naked in the shower. The first was reportedly in August 2021 and the latest was reportedly in March 2023.

The phone also included an alleged text message from Vierling to the minor which read, “it’s been 2 days since you had a shower, better get in now.” The message was sent in August 2021.

An initial hearing for Vierling was scheduled for Monday afternoon, according to court documents.