INDIANAPOLIS – The city of Columbus came together for a rally in support of the Asian community.

The event comes after an 18-year-old IU Bloomington student was stabbed in the head earlier this month. Court documents say the crime was racially motivated.

“ I ask you to check your assumptions about Asian people living in your communities,” said APAPA board member Joy Basa-King.

The suspect, 56-year-old Billie Davis, told police she targeted the student due to her “being Chinese”.

”We have struggles all the time. We are normal people. It doesn’t mean we look different and we are different. We are the same,” said APAPA President Linda Shi.

Lt. Matt Harris with the Columbus Police Department says these crimes should not be happening in 2023.

“Sadly, it seems these incidents are not occurring less frequently,” said Harris.

Shi says the first step to stop the hate is conversation.

”We have to talk about it. We need to tell people that we cannot tolerate this.” 

Rui Xzu attended the rally with her seven and four-year-old daughters. 

“We are trying to get more Asian culture to the people in this country.”

She hopes efforts like this creates a change that her kids will see. 

“When they grow up, we will have a better world,” said Xzu.

Speakers all agree that community members have to join in on the fight against injustice.

”I ask when you see something, to say something, and to do something. We are so thankful you are here today doing something and showing up for us,” said Basa-King.