UPDATE: On Wednesday, IACS provided an update on Facebook that the cat has survived and is awake and eating. She has been adopted by a member of the shelter staff that helped save her life.


IACS is asking the community to help identify the person who injured the cat. The animal was found wounded in a near southeast side neighborhood.

The unnamed female gray and white short-haired cat was to IACS after a resident in the neighborhood who had been feeding the cat found her stabbed in the head with a pair of needle-nose pliers, the shelter said in a release Tuesday.

A photo of the cat and it’s X-ray, provided by IACS, can be seen below. Warning: These are graphic Images.

The shelter’s veterinarian was able to remove the pliers from the cat and provide her with emergency care as soon as she arrived, IACS said. The cat is currently listed in critical condition, and IACS said they expect to have a better idea of her condition within the next day or so.

The injured cat was known to frequent the area surrounding Sandorf Park, IACS said. Anyone with information regarding the cat’s injury is being asked to contact CrimeStoppers at (317) 272-TIPS.

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