BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Hundreds of tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited (NCMEC) tips led to the arrest of a 70-year-old man police said possessed several files of child pornography.

Frederick Carl Starks, 70, was arrested on Sept. 14 after the Boone County Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation Task Force served a search warrant of Starks’ property.

Police said Starks also owns a second home in South Carolina and officials are working to investigate any tips from there as well.

Court documents said over 613 CyberTipLine reports from NCMEC indicated that Starks may have been involved with child exploitation.

Fredrick C. Starks booking photo (Boone County Jail)

The reports came from Digital Nomad, Microsoft and Imgur with a large portion from Digital Nomad. Digital Nomad is a web hosting service that also carries a pornographic website.

After investigators uncovered the profile and linked it back to Starks, they also detailed some of the material files associated with the account. Starks was believed to be the owner of a “Suzefagrag” account.

Many of the files involved minor girls, many under 15 years old, engaged in sexual activity according to the probable cause.

Police said Starks reportedly pinned, re-pinned or shared over 17,000 digital media files on the site.

One collection board on the site, which is a collection of similar digital media files, created by user “Suzefagrag,” was entitled “Abused! Degrade! Debase.” Investigators added it had a vulgar description of what type of files were in the collection.

On Sept. 12, a judge granted authorities a search warrant for Starks’ home, person and vehicles. Two days later police served the search warrant.

During a later interview police said Starks reportedly admitted to owning the user profile “Suzefagrag” and identified the email address associated with the account. Starks also stated he had been viewing child pornography since at least the 1990s.

Starks also told investigators that he had seen images and videos of sexual violence that included children but that he never traded videos or communicated about child porn, according to the court records.

The man also told police he had been caught watching porn while at work and had been seeing a therapist for six to eight months after he was caught.

After investigators seized Starks’ laptop, they discovered many digital media files on the computer. Some of them contained child pornography material.

Starks was charged with child exploitation, Level 4 Felony and four counts of possession of child porn, Level 5 Felony.

A jury trial was scheduled for Nov. 21 at 8:30 a.m.