JENNINGS COUNTY, Ind. — A North Vernon woman was charged with neglect of a dependent after a 5-year-old child was found unconscious at a home due to exposure to THC-infused gummies.

The Jennings County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call on February 2 about an unresponsive child. Deputies found the girl unconscious on the floor and ultimately had her flown to an Indianapolis hospital.

The sheriff’s office conducted an investigation and found the girl had ingested THC gummies the day before and had been acting “abnormal and lethargic.” However investigators say treatment was not sought out until the child was found unconscious the next day.

The investigation also revealed it was the second time the girl was exposed to THC-infused products, although the first incident was not reported.

Amanda Johnson, the girl’s mother, was arrested on March 10. She has been charged with neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury.

The girl regained consciousness at the hospital and was discharged a day later.