INDIANA (NEXSTAR) – If you grew up in Indiana with someone who owned a pickup truck, chances are you rode in the bed of that truck at least once or twice.

There are a lot of reasons one might ride in the back of a truck, especially since it can feel liberating to do so. But is it legal?

Although there aren’t any specific laws explicitly banning passengers from riding in the cargo area, the Indiana law requires that everyone in the vehicle wears a seatbelt.

In 2007, the Indiana General Assembly passed a seat belt law requiring all passengers in moving vehicles to wear a safety belt, although pickup trucks are not specifically mentioned.

In other words, you cannot legally ride in the back of a pickup truck in Indiana, as there are no seatbelts to secure anyone riding in it.

Regardless of age, the risk of traveling without a seatbelt still exists, and drivers should be aware of how dangerous traveling with riders in the back of a truck or trailer can be.