INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo will soon add a giant bundle of joy to the facility. The zoo’s 16-year-old African elephant Zahara is 15 months pregnant!


The calf is due in early October and will be a third-generation Indianapolis Zoo baby. Zahara’s mother Ivory, 41, is also part of the zoo’s elephant herd.

“We are pleased that Zahara’s pregnancy appears to be progressing normally as the calf continues to grow at a healthy rate with a consistent strong heartbeat on ultrasound,” said Dr. Melissa Fayette, an associate veterinarian at the zoo.

When the calf makes its way into the world, it will make history by being the first elephant in the world to be born through artificial insemination to a mother who was also born through artificial insemination.

The first elephant conceived and born through artificial insemination was in 2000 at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Zahara is the youngest elephant in the zoo’s five-member herd.

Elephants have 22-month gestational periods.