INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo is asking for the public’s help to name a new baby elephant.

On its website, the Indianapolis Zoo provided three potential names for the new elephant, who is one month old on Wednesday. To celebrate the milestone, the zoo is asking the public to choose between these three names:

  • Maji – Water
  • Jabari – Fearless or Brave
  • Zambezi – Great River

According to previous reports, Zahara, a first-time elephant mother, gave birth to the baby elephant on Sept. 4. Officials said at the time that this was the first elephant in the world to be born through artificial insemination to a mother who was also born through the same procedure

Officials said that each of the names for the baby that were provided by the zoo’s animal care team is of African descent, just like his mother and all the other elephants.

The naming contest will close at 12 p.m. on Oct. 16, according to zoo officials. The name will be revealed that day.

To vote on the name, click here.