INDIANAPOLIS — The north district of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department honored a fallen officer Thursday who died in the line of duty 30 years ago.

On Aug. 17, 1993, Officer Teresa Hawkins was responding to a call to assist an ambulance team when a drunk driver hit her on Emerson Ave. The car ran a stop sign and pushed Hawkins into a home nearby. She later died at the hospital. She was the first IMPD female officer killed in the line of duty.

Hawkins was 28 years old.

On Thursday, a roll call was done in Hawkins’ honor to show that fallen officers are not forgotten. Hawkins’ family joined the gathering.

“You see a lot. It will mean a lot to you throughout your career to process things healthily,” IMPD Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham said. “It will help you; it will help your family. It means a lot never to forget that we are having a formal roll call here today, that the media is here. That means a lot.”

The driver was found guilty of felony reckless homicide.