GREENSBURG, Ind. — Honda announced Tuesday that it plans to move all production of Accord cars to its Indiana manufacturing plant by 2025.

The location change for Accord production comes in the midst of a push by Honda to prepare for electric vehicle production in the US. This, Honda said in a release, includes consolidating two assembly lines at a Marysville, Ohio plant.

The Marysville Auto Plant, or MAP, will retool the two assembly lines currently being used to make Accords for the production of EVs and EV components. Due to this change, all Accord production will be moved to Honda’s Greensburg, Indiana facility.

Honda said Tuesday that Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, also known as the Indiana Auto Plant, now has plans to house all Accord production in 2025.

“This will maintain production volume of an important core model for Honda customers, while enabling MAP to transition to EV production,” Honda said in its release.

This change, Honda said, will allow Ohio manufacturing employees to specialize in EV production.

“Moreover, starting later this year, MAP associates will begin training programs designed to prepare them for the skills required for EV production,” the release read.

For more information on the change and Honda’s announcements Tuesday regarding EV production, clip here.