HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — After the arrest of a Petersburg dog groomer, more people claiming to know her are coming forward.

“There is nothing she won’t lie about,” said Kathy Williams, a woman who claims to be a former friend of Christy Aufdermorte.

After Aufdermorte was arrested Wednesday, people across the country came forward to share their stories, saying they are victims.

“All over the United States and in different countries,” Williams said.

“People have been complaining about her deposit for puppies that never even existed. And when they went to the police station to claim that they were robbed then ran her name through the system, and she was no where to be found,” said a man from North Carolina, who wishes to remain anonymous. He said he knew Aufdermorte as Carrie Russell.

Police said Aufdermorte often went by the alias Carrie Russel. Former friends said she also pretended to be the daughter of a famous dog show judge.

“I am not surprised that it has come to this,” said Kathy Hawkins, who claimed to be one of Aufdermorte’s friends.

After Aufdermorte’s boyfriend died in 2019, we are told his kids kicked her out of his house. Hawkins said she even made a Go Fund Me to raise money for her.

“She lived in her car for a couple of weeks,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said the house later went on the market.

“She went back and said she was going to squat in it and just stay there until the law gets her out. She got a roommate and one night they drank until Carrie passed out,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said the roommate was worried and called 911 and Aufdermorte was taken to the hospital.

“They saw the condition of the house and the dogs and they confiscated them. They called animal control,” Hawkins said.

When Hawkins came to get the dogs, she says she was forced to sign a paper prohibiting the dogs from ever going back to Aufdermorte.

“One of the Pekingese that we picked up was supposed to be a best in show winner and I believe he was. But I know that he had a broken leg a year ago and that was repaired. She got drunk and fell on him. And when she was grooming him once and poked his eye, his eye had to be removed,” Hawkins said.

When Hawkins said she could not give the dogs back, she said Aufdermorte spiraled out of control.

“I am a nurse and she threatened to call the nursing board and file complaints against me. She threatened to have her new boyfriend come and get the dogs,” Hawkins said.

“There is a lot to this story,” Williams said.