FISHERS, Ind. – A woman was charged after she reportedly punched a K9 patrol service dog for the Fisher’s Police Department.

On Nov. 2 around 11:45 a.m., officers were called to Junction Station in Fishers in reference to a domestic physical disturbance. The caller stated he was hit by a woman who also knocked his phone out of his hand while calling 911.

The woman later identified as Arianna Marie Johnston also reportedly took belongings from the man as well.

Arianna Marie Johnston booking photo (Fishers Police)

Police said they saw Johnston, holding clothes and miscellaneous items, fleeing eastbound from the residence on foot. An officer got out of his car and attempted to stop the woman but she refused to comply.

Court documents said Johnston then began running towards a local café in the area. The officer then dispatched his K9 dog from his car to help detain Johnston.

The officer spoke with witnesses in the area to locate Johnston and one person stated he saw a woman running behind the building. Another officer then responded to the scene.

Both officers headed to the back when another witness stated they saw Johnston jump and hide in the dumpsters.

Officers began giving loud, verbal commands for Johnston to get out. They then threatened to deploy the K9 if she refused.

Johnston then agreed to come out verbally but she began throwing clothing items and other items that she concealed on the ground. Because police were unsure if she had a weapon, they asked her to get out once again.

Officers then tried to pull the woman out of the dumpster but Johnston began to resist officers by pushing them and “flailing her arms around.”

The K9 officer then jumped to his handler’s aid and bit Johnston before she punched the dog on the side of his body near his head.

At this point, Johnston was still in the dumpster and the officers and K9 were outside. Officers then threw the K9 in the dumpster and then went to pull Johnston out while she continued to resist and reportedly tried to bite the dog.

They were eventually able to get her out and during an interview at the hospital, Johnston admitted to attempting to bite the K9 and one of the officers received minor injuries from the arrest.

Johnston was also found to have an alcohol concentration of .19.

She was charged with:

  • battery against a public safety official, Level 6 felony
  • two counts of resisting law enforcement, Class A misdemeanors
  • striking a law enforcement animal, Class A misdemeanor
  • and public intoxication, Class B misdemeanor.

A jury trial was scheduled for April 17, 2024.