FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is looking to update the Big Tree Registry and needs the public’s help.

The Big Tree Registry is a list of the largest known native trees of each species and their locations within the state.

“Indiana’s currently tallest recorded tree is a 152-foot-tall bitternut hickory, and our widest tree circumference is a silver maple at more than 361 inches,” said Jacob Roos, DNR urban forestry director. “We need help getting out across the state to find our new record-setting trees.”

After reviewing the champion list, organized and maintained by DNR’s Division of Forestry, of Indiana Trees, the DNR said it’s time to start looking for new candidates to nominate.

There are 3 measurement requirements for nomination:

  •  trunk circumference, in inches, at 4 1/2 feet above the ground;
  • total height, in feet;
  • and average crown spread, in feet.

A calculation of the circumference and height added to a quarter of the average crown spread is used to get the total size of each nominated tree. 

The tree with the highest total points of each native tree species will be named the Big Tree Champion for that species. Only those with the highest scores will be verified, but all nominations are reviewed. 

To look at the complete list of champion trees in the state or to find information on measurements, instructions, and nominations, check out the DNR’s Indiana Big Tree Registry online.