VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology has been participating in its own version of popular March bracketing activities. 

Starting back in 2020, the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology began its own version of bracketing competitions in various categories of resources, landmarks, and infrastructure across the state of Indiana on the DHPA Facebook, such as courthouses, churches, bridges, theaters, bars, and more. 

Throughout the month of March, the DHPA posts two photos in the same category and Hoosiers are asked to participate by liking the photo of the resource they like most and want to win. The most-liked photo will move on to the next round and once a winner has been declared in all categories, each winner from every category will then be put through a final round of bracketing to determine an overall winner.

“With Hoosier Hysteria and Indiana’s love of basketball, March is a time where everyone is filling out their NCAA March Madness brackets. We thought it’d be a fun time to highlight historic resources across the state in a friendly no-stakes, no-prize competition on our Facebook page,” explained Danielle Kauffmann, Director of Engagement for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology.

While the bracketing event started in 2020, DHPA has continued the activity each year since, trying to include as many resources as possible across the state.

“We try not to repeat resources, we want to be able to provide a variety of resource types as well as cover all parts of the state. We have done the Courthouse category multiple times, but using different courthouses. It is always a popular category, local communities love supporting their historic courthouse buildings,” Kauffmann said.

While the bracketing is still going on throughout the month, Hoosiers still have time to vote for their favorite Indiana resource. Many resources around the Wabash Valley have been contenders such as ISU’s Memorial Stadium, the Sycamore Complex, the Copper Bar, Bob Warn Field, York Round Barn, William Hill Polygonal Barn, The Howard Lodge Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Merom-Gill Township Carnegie Library, Shakamak State Park, Clay County US Post Office, and more.

This year also has some Wabash Valley contenders. From Daviess County, top-contender Mason’s Root Beer, and the Dr. John A. Scudder House, and from Sullivan County, the New Goshen District Number Two School, and Sullivan County Courthouse. More categories are to be announced before the end of the month.

The categories that have been announced for 2023 are as follows:

  • 2023:
    • Courthouses | Winner: TBD
    • Metal Bridges | Winner: TBD
    • Rural Schoolhouses | Winner: TBD
    • Diners/Drive-Ins | Winner: TBD
    • Historic Gardens | Winner: TBD
    • Mansard Roofs | Winner: TBD
    • Mills | Winner: TBD
    • Town/City Hall | Winner: TBD
  • Overall Winner: TBD

The lists of past year’s categories and their winners are listed below: