PRINCETON, Ind. (WEHT) — Firefighters in Princeton responded to a commercial structure fire Sunday morning which eventually caused the roof to collapse.

Some residents said they were shocked to learn about the fire at Princeton Lawn and Power.

Just a couple of hours after the initial call to authorities, the building’s roof collapsed and an excavator began demolishing the rest of the building.

Several agencies responded and officials said no one was hurt.

Eyewitness News reached out to some members of the Scott family who we’re told operated the business, but they declined to speak with us.

Some residents said the building had been around as long as they could remember.

Marybeth Feutz owns the Princeton Veterinary Hospital with her husband just next door
and said she was friendly with the family and the business.

“My heart breaks for Walter and Ryan Scott and the rest of their family, for the business and for the community,” she said.

Princeton Fire Chief Nick Medler said they are still investigating the cause.