INDIANAPOLIS – An irate mother is accused of pointing a gun at daycare workers during an argument last week.

Robin Emerson, 24, is charged with intimidation, unlawful carrying of a handgun, possession of a handgun on school property and pointing a firearm.

The charges stem from a March 29 incident at Brighter Minds Learning Center on North Linwood Avenue. Police were dispatched to the daycare after Emerson got into an argument with the staff, according to court documents.

The daycare had called Emerson to inform her that the staff would no longer take care of her children. She’d been asked to come and pick up her belongings.

Workers said Emerson showed up with a gun in her waistband. She argued as soon as she showed up, the workers said, and “began to throw things around, breaking glass and throwing food all over the floor.” Emerson “flipped over bookcases” and caused a “big disturbance” while kids were present at the daycare, according to court documents.

One of the workers said Emerson drew her gun, “cocked” it and began waving it around. Emerson said she was going to shoot “all these m************” and then pointed the gun at the worker and her daughter, according to court documents.

One of the workers said Emerson punched her “approximately three times” outside the daycare while some of Emerson’s friends held her.

Police found Emerson at a nearby gas station with a gun in the front driver’s side cubby hole. During an interview, Emerson told investigators she believed the daycare had been “neglecting and abusing” her children, according to court documents.

She denied pointing her gun at anyone, although she said the gun “did leave her waist” when someone confronted her while holding a chair inside the daycare. She also said she “wasn’t going [to the daycare] to harm anyone.”

Emerson said two workers pushed her out of the kitchen and followed her out of the daycare. When they got outside, she told police the workers hit her in the head while fighting her, according to court documents.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office filed formal charges on Friday, according to court records. Emerson had an initial hearing scheduled for Monday.