INDIANAPOLIS — A group of concerned clergy members has called for IMPD Police Chief Randal Taylor to step down.

This comes after multiple officer-involved incidents this year.

Reverend David Greene with The Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis said another family is grieving the loss of their loved one.

Last week, Gary DeWayne Harrell was shot while running away from police.

“There is a pattern. The repeated explanation for these egregious acts is the same. The officers failed to follow their IMPD training and policies,” said Greene.

He wants IMPD to release the body-worn camera footage of the shooting.

“So, you need to go ahead and release it to the community,” said Greene.

“Chief Taylor has remained committed to maintaining positive police-community relationships by reducing violent crime, investigating and solving major crimes, and maintaining high levels of training for officers,” said IMPD in a statement.

Reverend Greene said it’s not enough.

“There has to be a new chief in place to begin working with the community and building stronger community relationships. That can hold officers accountable for their training,” said Greene.

Reverend Greene is calling for Chief Taylor to resign, and he wants Mayor Hogsett to begin an open search for a new chief with input from the community.

Hogsett did respond to the calls for Taylor to resign in a statement this afternoon.

He said that IMPD had added many accountability measures under Chief Taylor’s leadership ranging from body cameras, critical incident review videos, and civil majorities using force boards.

“The work of IMPD has been critical in reducing criminal homicides by 16% last year, and an additional 12% this year, alongside declines across other major crime categories. Chief Taylor has my support,” the statement read.