BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WXIN) — One Bloomington resident on Facebook is looking to reunite someone with a priceless lost item: a keepsake with the ashes of a loved one inside.

Facebook user Abbey Hepner posted on her profile Thursday night that they have found a lost memory ring with the ashes of another person while walking in Monroe County.

According to Hepner’s post, which can be viewed here, the item is “a memory ring of a family member who got a loved one’s ashes put inside it.” In the post, Hepner also said they want to return the ring to its owner because “it’s something that can’t be replace[d].”

In the post, Hepner said that it is a silver ring with “D.W. June 25th, 2016” engraved on the front.

“If everyone in Bloomington, IN could please share so we could find the owner I’m sure they would be really grateful for it,” Hepner wrote. “Thank you!!”

Nexstar’s WXIN has reached out to Hepner for more information and permission to use pictures of the ring.

For now, click here to see photos of the ring or to contact Hepner.