Indiana in Critical Need of Adoptive Families


“We’re at an all-time high right now for children in foster care, and so we need to be in an all-time high for homes available to put those children in safe homes,” Kristi Cundiff said, an adoption champion with Indiana Adoption Program.

After adopting eight children, it’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment for Kristi Cundiff, but she can’t do it alone. Good homes are needed for children in Indiana now more than ever.

“Finding a home for a child makes a huge difference for them. Finding a structured home, a loving home that they know that they’re going to have food when they get up in the morning. And they know that they’re going to have full tummies when they go to bed at night, and they’re going to have a bed to sleep in,” Cundiff explained.

Kristi has seen first-hand that many times, adopting a child means saving them from a dangerous situation.

“We’re seeing an increase in removals of children because of um substance abuse situations with their parents and them not being safe in their environment, and in their home.”

Krisit’s son, Donovan, is 12 years old. He took a break from the play ground to talk about a few of his favorite things about his family.

“With our parents it’s really good, like a really good family to be in, and with my brothers and sisters they’re fun to play with,” Donovan added.

Kristi’s favorite saying and a message to those who may be interested in adopting is “you may not be able to change the world for every child, but you can change the world for one child.”

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