Indiana Company Concerned Over Tariffs


Fears of a trade war over tariffs are growing Wednesday.
In fact, one of Indiana’s largest manufactures, Cummins, has a close eye on trade talks between President Donald Trump and the rest of the world.

Jon Mills, Director of External Communications with Cummins, said  “We are concerned. We’ve had teams looking at how do we offset the costs to the company. If we’re gonna keep escalating tariffs, then it’s only gonna be more pronounced in the way it impacts companies like ours.”

Columbus, Indiana-based Cummins, makes engines and other heavy equipment in Indiana, and globally.

Cummins spokesperson, Jon Mills, said two tariffs in particular, could sting.

Mills explained “We will feel the tariff impacts from steel and aluminum. We’ll also feel it on the castings, cylinder heads, cam shafts we import.”

Basically, the company will deal with tariffs on their imports and exports.

Mills explained “In some cases, we import a small number of off-highway engines to the United States. Those would also be impacted by the tariffs. Any time we’re looking at harming or upsetting our trading partners by placing tariffs and incurring retaliatory tariffs, there’s going to be an impact.”

Cummins CEO, Tom Linebarger, told the New York Times, Wednesday, that impact could lead to a loss in sales, and restrict the company’s growth.

Mills said “Tariffs and escalating tariff war really does harm to American workers, American businesses and American farmers. We just think it’s the wrong approach.”

Mills said if you’re one of the roughly 10,000 people in Indiana who work for Cummins, you do not have to worry about losing your job.

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