In Her Boots


The IBEW Hall in Terre Haute is a long ways from a battlefield, but on Saturday, a dozen Wabash Valley veterans filled the room to share their stories.

“This is really kind of cool to represent women in the military,” Tina Pressey said.  
The first ever Project In Her Shoes included female vets from every branch of the military. Along with talking and sharing they also spent time decorating something they’ve all worn, combat boots.

Tina Pressey has served for more than 25 years.

“I think it’s important to have events like this because a lot of people when they think military don’t always think of women serving in the military,” Pressey said. “So I think it’s a great way to opportunity for people to see all of the different ages of the women who have served and who are still serving.”
The project all started  with a pair of boots and an interview with a world war two veteran in Evansville.
When project founder Gwen Hicks left Evansville’s, she had 5 pairs of boots from 5 female veterans.    

“Every women who has ever been in the military has volunteered and so we really need to knowledge that,” Gwen Hicks said. “There’s never been a draft that women have been involved in so from the revolutionary war to now, women have stepped up and our  serving their country. So they need pats on the back and applause for what they do.” 

For those who answered the call to serve it’s not a sacrifice but an honor and a privilege. 

“It’s one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had in my whole life,” Pressey said. “There’s no more greater honor than to put that uniform on everyday and know that I help to support and defend the United States of America.” 

Now if you noticed the different colored boots, in the story it’s because different branches of the military wear different colors to show their branch. The lighter ones stand for ARMY while MARINES, AIR FORCE and NAVY traditional have dark color boots. 

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