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Several state lawmakers want an impeachment investigation to start against Attorney General Curtis Hill. We’ve told you, Hill is accused of inappropriately touching four women.

State Rep. Ed DeLaney, a Democrat from Indianapolis said  “I’m frustrated that so far, the Legislature and everybody else is acting like they’ll just wash their hands of it and it’ll go away. Well, it’s not going to go away.”

Democratic State Rep. Ed DeLaney dropped this resolution off at House Speaker Brian Bosma’s office Monday.

In it, DeLaney and fellow Democrats, State Reps Ryan Dvorak , and Matt Pierce call on lawmakers to investigate whether grounds exist to impeach Attorney General, Curtis Hill.

State Rep. Ed DeLaney explained “He has rejected all other solutions. He says a special prosecutor can’t do the job, the Inspector General has a conflict of interest. We don’t have those problems. We do have the authority to remove him from office.”

Hill faces allegations that he inappropriately touched 4 women at a bar in Indianapolis, during a March end-of-session gathering.

In recent weeks, three of the 4 women have come forward, including Democratic State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon.

State Rep. Ed DeLaney said “If these women who work for the legislature, or who are a member of the legislature can’t be protected from sexual harassment, then what women can be protected?”

Hill completely denies all allegations against him, calling them “false and vicious.” He also staunchly rebukes all calls for his resignation, including from Governor Eric Holcomb.

University of Indianapolis Political Scientist, Dr. Laura Wilson, said Hill might be using a strategy.

Wilson said “I think in some ways, Hill is taking notes right out of the Donald Trump playbook. They’ve been very effective for President Trump. I don’t know they’d necessarily transcend well at the state level”

Wilson said Hill’s appealing to social conservatives within his own base, via social media.

 Wilson explained “He’s had ads on Facebook, on Twitter. He’s asking normal voters saying ‘Hey, I haven’t had due diligence.’ As he says it. ‘This isn’t fair, there were inconsistencies in the memo and the investigation. He’s publicly appealing directly to voters.”

About the resolution, Erin Reece, Communications Director for the Indiana House Republicans, said Monday

“A House resolution was dropped off at the speaker’s office this morning by State Rep. Ed DeLaney, however House resolutions are not eligible to be filed until the legislative session convenes in November. The speaker agrees with the need for a comprehensive investigation and that’s why he joined Senate President Pro Tem David Long in calling upon the Office of the Inspector General to do just that. While keeping all options on the table, he will await the findings of the Inspector General’s investigation before considering any further steps.”

We’re still waiting to hear back from the A-G’s office about the latest development in this story.


March 15: A legislative end-of-session party occurs at a downtown Indianapolis bar, AJ’s Lounge, 1118 S. Meridian St.

May 14: The state’s top four legislative leaders are made aware of concerns regarding Attorney General Curtis Hill’s conduct at the party.

May 15, 16 and 17: Five legislative employees who made the allegations are interviewed by various legislative personnel.

June 18: An Indianapolis lawyer, Blake J. Burgan, sends a report by email to the director of the Indiana Legislative Services Agency, George T. Angelone, to advise the General Assembly regarding an investigation into alleged inappropriate conduct by Hill.

June 29: Hill learns about the investigation into concerns about his conduct at the party during a conference call with legislative leaders.

Monday, July 2: Hill meets with legislators about the allegations. He said he requested a copy of a “confidential” report about the allegation prepared by an Indianapolis lawyer, Blake J. Burgan. publishes an exclusive story on four women alleging Attorney General Curtis Hill inappropriately touched them at the March 15 party at an Indianapolis bar.

The state’s top four legislative leaders say they had completed an investigation into concerns expressed by General Assembly employees about Hill’s conduct at the party.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, celebrating his anniversary in a remote area of Montana, says he will comment upon his return to Indianapolis late July 3.

Hill issues a statement calling the allegations “troubling” and denying any inappropriate behavior.

Tuesday, July 3: State Democratic Party leaders call for Hill’s resignation.

Hill issues a statement: “The lack of due process in the prejudicial investigation is concerning.” He later issues another statement: “Let me be clear, I am not resigning my position as Attorney General.”

The Associated Press releases a copy of the “confidential” report.

Thursday, July 5: Gov. Holcomb calls on Hill to resign.

Friday, July 6: Indiana Inspector General Lori Torres says her office will conduct an investigation into the allegations.

State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon, a Democrat from Munster, writes a column for The Northwest Indiana Times that details her being grabbed by Hill.

Hill reiterates in a statement from his office that he will not resign.

Monday July 16th: Democratic State Representative Ed DeLaney (D- Indianapolis) sends House Resolution to House Speaker Brian Bosma’s office. The resolution is sent on behalf of Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend) and Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington). The lawmakers said that weekend, they would ask Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) to launch an impeachment investigation.

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