As we get close to the end of the year, some road work and construction is beginning to wrap up. But local and state officials are looking forward to more projects. That’s happening because of new grants and plans which will provide for more resources for cities and towns.

You’ve been paying more at the pump for the last few months, now the increase in gas tax is paying off here locally.

“We’re going to have more money to spend on paving. Right now we primarily used EDIT money which is our Economic Development Income Tax money and then what gas tax money in wheel tax money but the problem is it just doesn’t go really far,” said Mayor Duke Bennett.

The recent project on 7th Street and the second part of the project on South 7th starting next year is covered by the tax. Officials say projects being funded by the tax frees up more space in their budget to do extra projects like the work off of Fort Harrison.

“They’ve got a plan put together now that’s going to last us for years and years and years and so that means we can count on that money and turn it into projects and do these things every year,” said Mayor Bennett.

As work gets underway on local city streets Governor Eric Holcomb is now looking at highways and interstates including I-70.

“There is a need on I-70 to make sure the transportation as both safe and swift as possible. We know that potential third lanes are needed not just on I-70 to satisfy those two requirements but probably on I-65 in some other stretches around the state of Indiana that will get that same attention.”

While the state has implemented new ways to increase revenue to work on these projects, Governor Holcomb is looking ahead to how the state can continue to fund those bigger projects.

“Through traffic being the Crossroads of America, that’s fantastic for travel and for logistics companies and transportation companies but how do we capture very the very vehicles that are causing a lot of the wear and tear on our roads.”

One of those ideas the state wants to look into is toll roads. Now Governor Holcomb said the possibility of tolls on I-70 is still in the far future, and that there are other options the state has in finding ways to continue increasing revenue for the state and local areas.