ROSEDALE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – A local homeowner and father recalls a Sunday evening fire that required him to save his life and his four children.

Just after 8:30 P.M. Sunday evening, Rosedale resident Nathan Bedwell says he began to smell something in his South Elm Street home that he describes as ‘hot’.

What Nathan would find out just moments later is that the smell was created by a fire.

“It was going so fast, you just don’t have time to process. It was just my house was completely up in flames,” Bedwell said.

While the fire was spreading through his home, Bedwell wasn’t alone.

He was also there with his 3 year old son and a set of triplets who are just the age of one.

“I grabbed my three year old son, tucked him in one arm and ran to the next room and started grabbing babies by the shirt,tucking them and holding them,” Bedwell said.

By Bedwell’s quick action, him and his four children were able to make it out of the burning home safely, Bedwell says he doesn’t consider himself a hero for his actions.

“I’ve heard so much you’re a hero. I’m not a hero, I’m a parent. Your kids comes first, you brought them into this world and that’s all that matters,” Bedwell said.

Leading up to this tragedy, Bedwell says he never thought that something like this could happen to him and that’s why he’s now encouraging others to have a plan.

“Make sure you’ve always got a plan because seconds can be the world of the difference between making it or not,” Bedwell said.

Bedwelll also tells me that he has seen a huge outpouring of support since the fire.

There is a donation page for his family that has exceeded $12,000 dollars.

Bedwell says his hopes are to rebuild a home right in the same spot as his previous one, but for now he is living with relatives.