CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — People are grieving and searching for survivors left in the rubble of Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey.

Among the thousands killed was University of Illinois grad Berkhan Eminsoy. While he was a student, he was part of the Turkish Student Organization.

The earthquake has left part of Turkey and Syria in ruins.

In Central Illinois, University of Illinois students are doing what they can to help.

The Turkish Student Association is working with groups at universities across the country.

Seray Bircan, a group member, said she felt helpless being so far away from home. That quickly changed.

“Women are especially having a hard time getting access to hygienic pads, sleeping bags, tents, clean water,” she said. “Which are really important in moments of crisis. I’m trying to contact some local brands here, as well as in Turkey.”

She said that one dollar could change everything.

“Money is one of the most important things so that we can also help people who are rescued from the rubble,” Bircan added. “Because it’s cold, there are fires, there’s no clean water. At least we can help in that way.”

The U of I said there are about 100 students from Turkey on campus, and they sent this message to Turkish students with resources.

There are many ways the student organization is working to raise awareness.

Click this link for many ways you can donate and help.