DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Vermilion County Animal Shelter is reaching out to people to come adopt kittens and dogs in the midst of overcrowding.

Shelter workers were forced to ask people to keep animals over the weekend, with some workers having to place up to eight animals in office rooms through pop-up kennels. The shelter estimated that it is taking in 20% more animals than they are able to find homes for, which puts strain on the small shelter.

Shelter Dispatcher Ann Puzey said solutions start with just lending a hand.

“Volunteer, adopt — please adopt, but volunteer,” Puzey said. “Come out and walk a dog, scratch a kitten, bathe them, even help do some laundry or dishes, transport drivers to rescues, and always adopt.”

Volunteers, as well as potential adoptive parents, are always welcome at the shelter. Ways to help and more information about the Vermilion County Animal Shelter can be found on their website.