ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Drivers in Illinois are no strangers to snow, but are you legally required to clean snow off your car and windshield before driving?

According to Illinois state law, drivers are not legally allowed to drive if they have snow, ice, moisture, or other materials blocking their windows or mirrors, or anything that obstructs their view.

That even means driving with a partially defrosted windshield.

A driver can be pulled over and issued a fine if a police officer determines they are operating the vehicle with an obstructed view.

Police also say it’s important to wipe snow from headlights and taillights. Those who don’t risk damage to others. Drivers should also clear snow from their roofs as best they can in order to avoid it becoming a projectile while driving.

The Illinois vehicle code also requires that all vehicles sold in the state must have devices, such as wipers and defoggers, for cleaning rain or snow from the windshield.

The Illinois Department of Transportation advises motorists to drive slower in snowy weather, and avoid using cruise control.