CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — EIU faculty and staff voted Tuesday afternoon to strike. EIU University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) President Jennifer Stringfellow confirmed that EIU faculty and staff plan to start the strike Thursday morning.

Stringfellow said UPI voted to strike because they are uncertain about the administration and clarity on bargaining. She said the last bargaining meeting happened on Monday with Eastern’s President and other officials.

Some movement was made at the meeting, but Stringfellow said it was not enough. There will be another all-day bargaining on Friday.

“There are a lot of great things about Eastern,” Stringfellow said, “and that it is at this point is unfortunate and disheartening.”

She went on to say that faculty members strive to be role models for their students.

Last week, the EIU UPI bargaining team and members rallied with signs and chants outside the Livingston C. Lord Administration Building, known as Old Main, on campus before marching to Dr. David Glassman’s, the EIU President, office to deliver their Ten-Day Notice of Intent to Strike.

EIU UPI members took a strike vote on March 9, with a strong 97% of voting members asserting their willingness to strike if an agreement can`t be reached at the table.