DANVILLE, Ill., (WCIA) — Danville’s future Golden Nugget Casino is getting closer to opening its doors. The opening is expected in April.

Many are looking forward to its economic impact and how it’ll help nearby organizations.

It’s expected to bring in millions of dollars, but it’s not just from gambling taxes. The city will make money from property taxes, sales taxes, and food and beverage taxes.

Rickey Williams, Danville’s mayor, knows the income will make a big difference and others feel the same.

“There’s going to be people from Indiana, Chicago area, everywhere coming into the casino. Spend money in our community, stay in our hotels, eat our food,” Tim Dudley, Vermilion Advantage’s CEO, said.

He’s excited to see the casino get closer and closer to completion.

“It helps put tax dollars in our coffers and therefore, they help pay our bills,” Dudley added.

Williams said it’s expected to bring in $4-$6 million each year. He feels there are many benefits on the way too.

“Number one, the revenue it’ll provide allow us to do great things for our citizens,” Williams said. “But number two, just the opportunity to have some more recreation here.”

But, it’s about more than just the money. Millions of dollars are also going to organizations across Danville. That includes the Boys and Girls Club, they’re planning to add a teen center.

“They’ve had a waiting list of around 100 teenagers for a long time. So being able to have a good place for young people to enjoy themselves and be safe is huge,” Williams said.

It’s not just the Boys and Girls Club. First responders are getting a chunk of cash to use for training.

“Through all the retirements, we’ve lost this last year 200 years of experience,” Aaron Marcott, Danville’s Fire Chief, said. “This new money will be helpful with us expand programs, and re-energize our technical teams like our hazmat team, our tech rescue team.”

Marcott said they wouldn’t be able to do that without the money.

Dudley is glad the revenue will stay in town, and that the casino’s owners care about the city.

“They’ve even made extra efforts to try to buy everything they can locally,” Dudley said.

With buying locally, Williams said that’s helping with the job market in the area.

For example, the casino owners are buying paper from the Danville Paper Company. Because of that, it’s helping some companies keep employees and hire new ones.

The casino itself will bring in about 300 full time jobs as well.