DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville Schlarman Academy students are currently walking out of school in protest of an administrator’s firing.

Courtney Hemker, former Dean of Students at the school, confirmed to WCIA that parents are picking up their students and taking them home. A staff member at the school shared a video with WCIA of the walkout. Hemker added that police were present during the walkout.

Hemker told WCIA that she was fired yesterday, and that the Assistant Principal, Mark Janesky resigned under duress because of conflicts with Principal Barbara Rew.

She also said harassment complaints were filed against Rew, but the complaints did not amount to anything after interviews were conducted.

Jessica Perez, a Schlarman parent, told WCIA that Rew was also watching the walkout and had a warning for students who were participating.

“Barb Rew threatened students that were walking out, saying that they will have unexcused absences if they walk out,” Perez said. “After a while of the kids standing outside, they started to walk back in. As they were walking in, Barb Rew said that if the kids wanted to leave that they could call their parents.”

WCIA has reached out to Rew and the Diocese of Peoria for comment but have not yet heard back.

This is a developing story.