CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – “What school is it? What is the material that my children have seen?” Sujata Dey-Koontz asked.

These are just some questions on the minds of parents with middle schoolers in Champaign. They all received an email saying the district is investigating a “sexually explicit video” being sent to students and staff.

In the email, the district says students need to be advised not to share inappropriate videos, because doing so not only violates the student code of conduct, but also the law.

“It says they want us to talk to our students, right? But what are we supposed to be talking about, exactly?” Dey-Koontz asked.

The district is asking families to talk about “the importance of not accepting an AirDrop request from someone they do not know.”

“I’m an Android person, so I had to ask my daughter ‘what exactly is the procedure of using something like Airdrop?’” Dey-Koontz said.

They had to have that conversation because district officials say a “sexually explicit video” is being AirDropped to the iPhones of some students and staff members. The feature lets Apple devices in close proximity receive photos, videos and other files wirelessly. District leaders say they’re conducting an investigation, but parents want more information on what content their kids may have been exposed to.

“We’re not getting any kind of answers,” Dey-Koontz said.

The issue raises a broader question parents everywhere have asked in recent decades: how can I make sure my kids are viewing appropriate material on the internet, and how do I limit their exposure to things that aren’t?

“They have to be able to recognize what is the wrong direction to go to online, and what is a healthy, informational area of education that they’re going to,” Dey-Koontz said.

The email ends by saying: “Let’s work together to ensure our students are practicing good digital citizenship.”

WCIA reached out to the district for clarification. Chief Communications Officer Stacey Moore said “everything is addressed in the email.” But the email doesn’t describe the nature of the video, which middle school was affected, whether police are involved in the investigation or how the district is addressing the issue with students. WCIA brought those questions to the district and hasn’t gotten a response.

Champaign Police say they are not involved in the investigation.