ROSSVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Three people are recovering after they were hurt by a car that drove through Rossville Family Restaurant.

The general manager watched it all happen Sunday and says the business may take a hit for months to come. Angela Graveline says it could take three weeks to four months to repair everything.

Between the breakfast and lunch rushes, a car burst through the double doors to the restaurant – just as three customers were walking in. She says chaos ensued as staff members went into “emergency mode.”

“It literally sounded like a bomb going off, and then there was the shower of glass. Time just stopped. It takes a moment, then you realize there’s a car here, there are people injured, somebody get on the phone,” Graveline said.

Graveline is hoping they can find a temporary solution and open back up. In the meantime, she says if you’d like to send cards to the people who were hurt, you can address them to the restaurant at PO Box #203 in Rossville, 60963.