Identifying and dealing with workplace stress


Work environments can become stressful.

And when deadlines are due, and the meeting runs late, it’s easy to put your health on the back burner.

According to the American Institute of Stress, forty-six percent of people reported work-load as their main cause of stress.

“Everybody has a different limit of what their too much is. If it’s interferring with your home life, if it’s taking away time from your self care, if it’s taking away time from your children,” Hamilton Center Program Manager Cristy Werremeyer told WTWO. “Taking away time from sleep, family whatever then that may be something that you need to reavaluate.”

Werremeyer says the easiest way to relieve work-load stress, is to manage your time.

“Is it because your time management skills are not doing well when you’re at work?” she said,  “Or is it because you’re really taking on too much that it has to bleed over into the other aspects of your life.”

Twenty-eight percent of people who participated in the American Institue of Stress’ questionairre say that another stressor, is co-workers.

Thompson Thrift keeps workplace morale high by encouraging co-worker communication.

 “And we’re always encouraged, if you have you know stress or you have issues,” said Marketing Coordinator Nicole King. “Or you think maybe your workload may be too heavy or maybe you’re not really sure about a certain project, it’s all open door.”

In addition to communication, Werremeyer says to look for signs that a co-worker my be feeling a little too overwhelmed.

 “Any change in behavior. So maybe if they are normally not talkative, if they’re not talkative maybe they’re starting to be a little more talkative,” she said.  “So any kind of change in behavior is a red flag, something to look for.”

Bringing home stress form work can be bad for your physical health as well.

WebMD says your heart pumps stress chemicals like adrenaline, and the constant pumping of adrenaline chemicals can turn into cholesterol which may lead to heart disease.

Organize, manage your time, make a list if you’re a list person. 

Do your best to focus on yourself and your family.

And if you’re like me and you crave sweets, try not to look at the pint of raspberry chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

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