Beginning September 11th, those traveling along I-70 may have to plan ahead, as construction along the highway will cause some changes for drivers.

I-70 will be restricted to one lane in each direction, just east of U.S. 41 on the bridges over Canal Road in Vigo County.

“What you’re going to see is lane restrictions. Two lanes of interstate 70 in whichever direction going down to one.” said Sgt. Joe Watts, Indiana State Police.

With the highway going down to one lane, Sgt. Watts says drivers being focused on the road at all times is critical.

“Simply manage 100 percent of your attention to the roadway because you never know when traffic going to be running 60, 70 miles per hour and suddenly stop because of congestion,” says Sgt. Joe Watts.

To make traveling safer for all drivers, the Indiana State Police plans to make efforts to focus on this area.

“What you’re going to see are more Indiana State Police troopers patrolling the interstate system prior to and once you’re leaving the construction area”, Sgt. Watts.

Drivers who frequently use I-70 say that the construction will make traveling more difficult for them.

“That’s going to affect me just going home because I take that road to go back home and it’s going to take a longer time to get home and I feel like it will make it a lot more dangerous to drive that because people are crazy on that stretch.” said Mollie Weisenbach, ISU student.

Regardless of the delays and traffic Weisenbach hopes that everyone will drive safely.

“We all just need to learn the rules of the road and be careful. It’s not worth our lives and it’s not worth your lives to drive crazy and be speeding.”