Four legged friends living in animal shelters would like to like to minimize their spooky situation without a forever home this Halloween season.

That’s why one pet service in the valley decided to bring out the crews to see that it happens. Ollie’s Canine Campus held their quarter yearly adoption event, this month called Howl-o-ween.

Several animal shelters around the Valley brought in their furry friends to send them off to good homes.

“There’s so many puppies and dogs and cat that are out there running around that are abandoned, we want to do our part to help these animals find a home that they can be loved, especially in this, the cold weather, no one deserves to be out running the streets,” Tom Kuhl, owner of Ollie’s Canine Campus said.

Organizers say today’s event was a success. Those also participating were Lucky Pup Rescue,   Wabash Valley Feline and Friends and the Parke Vermillion Humane Shelter.