If you’re a hands on learner, try making a thermometer.

As you’ll see, you have most of what you’ll need to make a thermometer sitting around the house.

You’ll need food coloring, the color of your choice. A clear bottle filled with water, modeling clay or Play-doh, tape, a clear straw and a marked index card. Or make your own card.

Now, let’s put this together. Start with the bottle and the food coloring. Fill the bottle with water and food coloring to about 80 percent. The straw should about one-half to three-quarters into the bottle. Don’t push it to the bottom, you want the water to be able to rise through the straw. Use the Play doh to seal the bottle and straw in place.

Now tape the index card to the straw. Use an actual thermometer so you mark the index card accurately. As the temperature rises and falls, you’ll see the water in the straw rise and fall giving you a temperature reading.