How would you like to make your own hygrometer? I know. You’re thinking, ‘what in the world is a hygrometer?

Hygro relates to moisture. Meter a device for measurements. A hygrometer is an instrument we use to measure humidity.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your hygrometer.

You’ll need cardboard. A long strand of hair. Two pieces of tape. A thumbtack or a push pen.

Take the cardboard and bend it at the bottom. Be certain to make some hash marks showing humid up to dry. Tape the hair to the cardboard. Tape the other end of the hair to the back of the arrow. Insert the push pen through the arrow and cardboard.

Now you’re ready to measure humidity. You can do this insider or outside.

The muggier it gets the hair absorbs the moisture making it grow longer and give you a humid reading.

However, when it’s dry the hair shrinks, making it shorter, which will give you a dry reading.

Hygrometer. Funny word, but easy to make.